Package Solution Implementations

When an organization has reached a decision to embark on an enterprise software implementation, it is very important that the "right" implementation partner is chosen. The decision to chose the "right" implementation partner could determine to a great extent the degree of success or failure of the entire project. It is important to understand that lower cost doesn’t necessarily translate into better value.

Our approach centers around the ability to understand your organization’s environment and objectives, assist in creating business requirements that align with these objectives, design and configure the application collaboratively with your key Subject Matter Specialists (SMS) who provide constant input and feedback to ensure that the developing product satisfies the business requirements and most importantly, perform application testing and deployment using proven methods that will help increase the probability that the implementation will be successful and will be well received by the users.

Robo has extensive experience implementing Oracle Hyperion EPM, IBM Cognos TM1 and Cognos Disclosure Management (DM), OneStream XF suite of products for the finance and interrelated departments of many large organizations across North America. Our very experienced EPM consultants have a hybrid of functional and technical skills from a wide variety of industries and this quality helps them better understand the needs of your organization and how best to design and configure the application to increase the quality of the user experience and fully unleash the strengths of the product.