Rapid EPM Diagnostic Assessment

A lot of organizations operate in isolation and are totally unaware of the overall efficiency of the various departments within their organization compared to their competitors and/or with leading practices. Without any benchmarks or leading practices to use as guides to achieve improvement in efficiencies, organizations are prone to continue to make decisions with outdated and suboptimal processes and technology. Robo can provide a quick diagnostic assessment of your finance organization and related functions within it such as budgeting, forecasting, monthly close and consolidation and provide a detailed health report . During this quick assessment which could be as short as three weeks, our highly experienced consultants will review the processes and technology that support the various finance and accounting functions and measure them against leading practices. Quality assurance reviews will be performed on the architecture design and configuration of the budgeting, forecasting and consolidation technology solution to determine the quality of the design and effectiveness of the business rules and calculation scripts.

The health report from the assessment will contain a list of all activities conducted and a score will be assigned to each activity based on comparison to APQC benchmark or industry leading practices. In addition, a priority ranking will be assigned to each activity based on the severity and/or importance of that function/activity to the finance organization.

The Rapid EPM Diagnostic assessment can be used as a roadmap or springboard to address any issues identified within a timeline conducive for your organization.