Software Upgrade

From time to time, organizations have the need to upgrade their EPM software due to reasons that include to take advantage of new features in a later version, software no longer meets the needs of the business or the currently deployed version is no longer fully supported by the software vendor. Upgrading software can be a relatively simple task if it is from one sub release to the next or it could be quite complicated if upgrading from a much older release to a current release or from a retired product to a new replacement product. Whatever the case maybe, it is very important that the task is carried out by qualified and experienced consultants who know what to expect and how to address any issues that arise during the upgrade process as an improperly upgraded system can turn a stable environment into a very unstable one.

Robo can help eradicate the concerns of upgrading your performance management applications by providing a detailed roadmap of procedures and contingency plans in addition to expert consulting resources that will provide guidance to your organization throughout the process thus, increasing the success probability of the upgrade.

Our EPM consultants have very intimate and in-depth knowledge of the EPM product suite and will use that experience coupled with our delivery accelerator tools to work closely with your Subject Matter Specialists to upgrade the software. We will also perform extensive testing of the upgraded applications to make sure all components of the software are functioning as expected.