Who We Are


Robo Holdings is a full service consulting firm focused on providing high value business solutions that enable organizations achieve their strategic goals by increasing the effectiveness of their accounting, finance, operations, marketing, Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT) and sales functions through the use of innovative continuous improvement processes and technology. Our practitioners help increase the overall effectiveness of organizations by working collaboratively with key stakeholders to identify and secure the best available talent resources, design highly effective and efficient business processes and implement technologies that enable the highly efficient processes and empowers employee resources to increase their efficiency and productivity levels without any increase to cost of labor. Our clients tend to be mature medium to large sized public or private organizations whose businesses have evolved over time into logistically dispersed operations spanning across multiple cities, states and/or countries.

Robo Holdings, LLC is headquartered in Houston, Texas with two other office locations in McLean, VA and Lakewood, CO. Our highly skilled practitioners who are located in various cities across North America work within our cross-industry consulting practices to assist public, private and government organizations across various industry sectors to provide exceptional service delivery experience to our clients regardless of their geographical location.

At Robo Holdings, our clients are our most valuable assets and we strive to make sure each interaction with them bolsters their decision to hire us.