Close and Consolidation

Often times, you hear a controller of an organization reluctantly say “it normally takes us two weeks or more to close our books". The difference between a leading organization which closes it books in less than five days and an organization that takes two weeks or more can normally be attributed to the activities associated with the Record to Report process, the technology that enables these activities and the design of the technology. The presence of the right technology to enable strategically designed, streamlined and efficient processes can help turn an organization’s close process from a long, manual and error-prone process into a short, automated and efficient process.

Robo consultants can help design and implement leading practice processes and technology that will help your organization reach its goals of being a more efficient organization. Our consultants have experience implementing a variety of financial close and consolidation tools from the leading industry vendors:

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • IBM Cognos
  • OneStream
  • Blackline