RFP and Vendor Selection Advisory

When an organization is in need of a vendor to perform specific services, the Request For Proposal (RFP) process to evaluate the different vendors can be a very time consuming and challenging task for an organization that doesn’t have the resources and skills set internally to effectively create the RFP and evaluate the responses to the RFP. Robo can provide the expertise needed to create an RFP that will be easily understood by vendors and help evaluate the responses from each vendor and rank them based on the culture fit to your organization, the vendor’s expertise in the area for which the service is requested and their cost-benefit analysis.

Many organizations evaluate different software vendors to implement and/or upgrade various components of their existing financial consolidation, planning, budgeting and reporting systems due to reasons that include:

    • Limitations in the capabilities of the current solution

    • Lack of “one of version of the truth”

    • Increased need for enhanced analytical capabilities

    • More time spent on compiling data and less time on analyzing

    • Inability to create key financial data in a timely manner

Our approach is designed to leverage Robo’s capabilities by providing a leading practice, cost-effective and risk-averse strategy to the facilitation of the software vendor evaluation activities for your organization. Our extensive experience implementing EPM solutions for various organizations across different industries allows our consultants the ability to evaluate the solutions in a realistic manner instead of a theoretical approach. By facilitating vendor scoring activities and software demo sessions, our consultants help your finance, accounting, IT and/or operations personnel separate fact from fiction, vaporware from reusable artifacts and highlight standard functionality to enabl eyour organization select the right vendor that best satisfies your business requirements and fits with your Information Technology environment and goals.