Contingent Workforce Solutions

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Our Contingent Workforce Solutions offerings include: Staff Augmentation and Permanent Placement.

Staff Augmentation
Sometimes, an organization embarks on a project or assignment that requires more work than it has internal FTEs to complete the work in the time specified.  Normally, such assignments are usually short term and the hiring of an FTE can’t be justified so the organization has to find a way to fill the role on the project with a competent temporary resource.  Managers in different organizations are faced with this type of issues on a regular basis and finding the “right” resource can be sometimes quite time consuming and challenging.  Robo can help make this process a lot easier by taking away most of the responsibilities associated with the screening process from hiring managers and finding the right resource from our large network of highly qualified professionals across the country to fill the positions.  

Permanent Placement
When the need for an FTE resource is permanent instead of temporary, Robo can also help fulfill that need by tapping into our network of finance, accounting and IT professionals located in various cities across the nation.  Our talent acquisition specialists will work with your hiring managers/ talent managers to make sure we have complete understanding of the responsibilities for the position to be filled and find the best available candidate in the compensation range for the position.  Our placement fees are at a discount to other staffing firms because our acquisition costs are a lot lower so we are able to pass the cost savings to our clients.

Robo strives to ensure that the potential revenue generated by placing a temporary resource or permanent placement candidate never overshadows the importance of finding the most ideal candidate for the position or role thus, signifying the value that the resource will provide to our client.