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Navigating the challenges of the business landscape

Everyday, the CFO, CIO and operations executives are faced with the challenge of executing the responsibilities of their roles within their organization while attempting to balance the ever-changing landscape that disrupts productivity and creates uncertainty in the business environment.  These disruptions could range from new government regulations, geopolitical activities, organization restructuring to market competition.  Whatever the case may be, building an organization whose processes and systems are designed with the goal of accommodating changes due to macroeconomic and organizational factors are critical to becoming a resilient and leading organization.   

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) provides the framework for the availability of resources, processes and technology solutions that allow an organization to transform its business strategies from concepts into actionable plans and effectively manage the execution of these plans while providing insights to enhance financial and operational performance across the organization. Possessing an effective and highly adaptable EPM strategy is the key to achieving benchmarks that can elevate organizations into a leading organization status. 

Our Enterprise Performance Management Capabilities

Process Redesign and Optimization

Over time and without continuous review and improvement, business processes that drive core business functions such as financial budgeting and planning, reporting etc. become stale and inefficient resulting in a drag on overall organizational productivity.  We work with your organization to conduct comprehensive assessments of core business processes to identify pain-points, gaps and opportunities for improvement, and then, develop a roadmap for implementation that blends with your organizational culture.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

In today’s information age, possessing the technology infrastructure and skills that enable accurate and on-demand insights into financial and operational data is paramount to stakeholders at all levels of the organization.  The presence of Business Intelligence (BI) systems that aid the gathering, analysis and distribution of core business information is critical to the effectiveness of decision making across any organization. 


Working collaboratively with your IT stakeholders, our practitioners can help build your BI infrastructure from scratch using a variety of technologies or enhance existing infrastructure if your organization already has a mature infrastructure in place.  Enabling “Big Data” concepts and frameworks in order to take advantage of the critical mass that is the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, “Internet of Things” (IoT) are all options that become available once the infrastructure is in place.


Good business insights give rise to better overall decisions.

Systems Redesign and Implementation

It is important that the architecture of key business systems and applications within an organization reflect the current structure and strategic objectives of the organization in order to facilitate the efficient execution of various business processes that enable the organization conduct its routine operations.  Redesigning or enhancing business systems to properly address changes in organizational needs is a key part of our EPM offering.  Whether you are implementing a new business application or enhancing an existing one, Robo can work collaboratively with you to drive the engagement to success.

Technology Transformation

It is a key business decision when an organization realizes a significant investment in the enhancement and modernization of its technology infrastructure which supports key business functions requires an upgrade in order to adequately address new and/or existing business needs.  The Transformation journey can be challenging, but having a Technology Transformation sherpa with proven success can make the journey less arduous. 

Robo practitioners work closely your organization stakeholders to define a transformation roadmap that takes into consideration every key factor that could or influences the plan to develop a roadmap that not only is defined specifically for your organization, but addresses contingencies that could derail key timelines or present obstacles to user adaptation brought about by the transformation.

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