Human Capital Management

Employees are your most valuable assets. Enrich them.

Harnessing the value in an organization’s talent resource pools is becoming increasingly critical to running an efficient and empowered organization where talent resources are at the forefront of continually driving the organization to new heights.  Our HCM practitioners work with organizations to attract, develop and retain the best talent resources using innovative approaches and frameworks that creates platforms for meaningful interaction between talent resources and other organization stakeholders.

Our Human Capital Management (HCM) Capabilities

Workforce Solutions

Talent needs for organizations vary based on their short and long term strategic goals.  Everyday, Talent Resource and Business Managers are plagued with the challenge of balancing their varying needs for talent resources, the availability of these resources and ability to locate and hire individuals. 

Robo possesses a vast network of highly qualified professionals across various job spectrums and geographies who we can promptly deploy to the servicing of your needs.  Our Workforce Solutions teams work with Talent Resource and Business Managers across various industry sectors to better understand their temporary or permanent talent needs and provide the following quality services:

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Permanent Staff Placement

Organizational Change Management

How an organization manages change events that occur in the course of transacting its various business activities can be a significant factor in determining the overall effectiveness level of the organization.  Significant change events that impact employees and the way their daily job responsibilities are performed should be analyzed properly before implementation the change occurs.  The change analysis should include activities that provide stakeholders with the opportunity to be aware of the change and provide their feedback for incorporation as necessary which gives rise to the propensity for buy-in to the change and ownership of the change once implemented. 


Our Change Management consultants work collaboratively with your organization to ensure success of employee adoption to changes associated with new technology implementation and business process changes of any nature.

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