Our Values

Robo was founded on the goal of building a firm made up of altruistic and talented individuals who have great passion for working collaboratively with clients to find the most innovative and conducive solutions to their needs without placing our self interests ahead of the client’s best interests.  Balancing self interests and client interests is a challenging task in today’s environment where big profits are the theme of the day in every professional services company, but we feel that the value of the long-term relationships we create when we truly partner with our clients to assist in the successful accomplishment of their strategic objectives goes beyond any short-term material gain.  Our mere existence shows that our vision and approach is welcomed by many organizations across the country.

Our core values are the life blood of our organization and are manifested to our clients through the individual behaviors of our practitioners.

Core Values

Highly Skilled Staff

Attracting, nurturing and retaining talented staff is a top priority for us to ensure that our clients are getting the best resources working with them to assist in providing effective resolutions to their most critical business needs.


Thinking “outside of the box” to uncover better and more efficient solutions to our client problems is a daily challenge that every Robo employee is tasked with. We believe that the quest for more efficiency drives innovation and this quest is what guarantees that the results of tomorrow’s technological advancements will be better than today’s.


Working effectively with our clients requires that we properly understand their culture, operating environment and pain-points. To achieve this objective, stakeholder buy-in must occur and we accomplish it by working in close collaboration with our client to form “we” team as opposed to “us” and “them” team. The power of collaboration is unimaginable and harnessing it is our goal in every engagement.


High ethical standards are an important part of our fiber.  We encourage our staff to always be honest and straightforward with each other and our clients despite the circumstances hence, paving the way for a thriving culture where trust is a given and people say what they mean while always doing what they say.


Our clients are our partners and have entrusted us with the responsibility of being their “trusted advisor”.  We believe in being a responsible trusted advisor, we must share the client’s best interest and ensure we provide the client the same solutions and quality of service as we would to ourselves.

Our clients and employees are our greatest assets, so we actively strive to ensure our employees provide the best service possible to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.  Our goal is for every Robo practitioner to be able to instantly show the added value they bring to our clients with every interaction.

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