Finance & Operations (F&O)

Reengineering of Core Business Functions drives
productivity across the value chain

With the complexity and size of organizations growing by the day, optimizing operations and utilizing new technologies to take advantage of innovation is critical to achieving organizational goals and meeting the benchmarks of a leading organization.  Our Finance & Operations (F&O) team supports the core of your operations through transformation of existing business processes, technology platforms and talent resources to champion innovation, improve performance while reducing cost and accelerate productivity levels across the organization.

Our Finance & Operations (F&O) Capabilities

Finance Transformation

Finance transformation helps organizations reengineer and optimize their principal accounting and finance processes using innovative technology to enable the value in the enhanced processes. Today, CFOs are focused on optimizing their back-office functions to increase efficiency and drive value across the enterprise.  With an optimized back office and use of intelligent systems, key tasks such as budgeting, reporting and analysis, the month-end close process etc. have increased accuracies and are conducted over shorter time periods due to the data driven and on-demand features introduced by modernized systems. 

Our teams have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge across the entire finance transformation journey and will work with your organization to reimagine the best of the possible and bring it to reality.

Managed Business Services

With our Managed Business Services offering, we work collaboratively with your organization to identify potential roles or functions that would benefit from an outsourcing strategy and then, outsource the specific role or entire function to be performed by highly skilled and experienced Robo practitioners with unique experience in your specific industry. 

Structured outsourcing of specific roles and/or functions can create a significant cost and knowledge management advantage to organizations when strategically deployed.  Our Managed Business Services team has the capabilities to fill any role within the Finance department.

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