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Everyday, CIOs and their managers are faced with various challenging tasks, but finding the ideal talent resources to fill existing or new positions and ensuring that their existing staff possess the necessary skills to perform duties as assigned shouldn’t be one of those challenging tasks.  With our IT Managed Services offering, we work collaboratively with your organization to identify potential roles or functions that would benefit from an outsourcing strategy and then, outsource the specific role or entire function to be performed by highly skilled and experienced Robo practitioners with unique experience in your specific industry.  Our staff fulfilling these outsourced roles will be situated in your office locations working seamlessly daily alongside other employees of your organization to deliver the requirements of their job descriptions.  The only difference between our staff and your staff will be the variety of experience our staff bring to your organization and the company name on their paychecks. 

Structured outsourcing of specific roles and functions can create a significant cost and knowledge base advantage to organizations when strategically deployed.  Our IT Managed Services team has the capabilities to fill any role within the IT department. 

Our IT Managed Services Capabilities

  • Application Development
  • Network Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application Administration and Support (ERP, BI, CRM, CX, EPM etc.)
  • Database Administration
  • Help Desk Support
  • Cloud Computing & Engineering
  • Data Warehouse Support

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